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Brian Tokuyoshi's Tower Bridge: MeFOTO Giveaway Instagram Weekly Winner

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Brian Tokuyoshi snapped this captivating image of Tower Bridge on his last trip to London.

©Brian Tokuyoshi

"I frequently travel to London. I've probably been to London about 10 times in the last few years. And nearly every trip, I try to visit Tower Bridge to keep looking for a new picture to take.

It took me a long time to figure out how to take a shot from this side of the bridge. That's because it wasn't obvious how to do it before - the river was just too high. However, just by dumb luck during my last trip to London, I suddenly realized that during low tide, there is a rocky beach that makes it possible to explore the bridge from different angles. 

The beach is very slippery, so having appropriate shoes is a must. During my last visit, I was fortunate that low tide and sunset coincided to let me take shots with a colorful sky. I originally intended to shoot during the blue hour, and while I was waiting, I used my B+W 10 Stop Neutral Density on a MeFOTO RoadTrip in a 4 minute exposure to capture this shot during the last moments of the golden hour." - Brian

Brian has been a MeFOTO owner for quite some time now and has even posted his own review of the product on his site! We hope you enjoy the BackPacker as much as the RoadTrip!