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Leg Talk: Aluminum vs. Carbon Fiber

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Aluminum vs Carbon Fiber

On March 1st, 2013 we announced a new MeFOTO model: the GlobeTrotter! It is the larger, most professional version of MeFOTO and only offered in two colors at the moment: black and titanium. The GlobeTrotter is also available for purchase in either carbon fiber or alumiunum.

During the same time, we also announced that our most popular model, the RoadTrip, would also be available in carbon fiber! It is also provided only in the same two colors: black and titanium.

So for those of you who are new to the subject, what exactly is the difference between aluminum and carbon fiber tripods? 

1. Carbon fiber is lighter than aluminum. This is probably the main difference between the two. Our aluminum GlobeTrotter weighs 0.9lbs more than the carbon fiber version while our aluminum RoadTrip weighs 0.4lbs more than the carbon fiber version. Now, you may be asking yourself why does this matter? Half a pound to a full pound doesn't make that much of a difference...but if you're someone who is traveling a lot or carrying around a gearpack, every ounce counts.

2. Aluminum is less expensive than carbon fiber. It's not the fact that carbon fiber is lighter which makes it more expensive, it is production costs. If you want to get really geeky, here is an article that explains it a bit more in depth. Our carbon fiber RoadTrip costs $140 more than the aluminum version while our carbon fiber GlobeTrotter costs $160 more than aluminum. 

3. Aluminum is more durable. Because of its' heavier weight, the aluminum version of our tripods are a bit more sturdy than the lighter, carbon fiber versions. 

4. Carbon fiber has less vibrations. Aluminum transmits vibrations more effectively which could be a problem when taking longer exposures or video. 

5. Carbon fiber is less susceptible to rust. By no means are we saying that if you have an aluminum tripod it will rust. All we're saying is IF you have an aluminum tripod and you don't take the necessary cleaning measures, there will be more of a chance of it rusting than if you did the same with a carbon fiber. 

If you're confused about which RoadTrip/GlobeTrotter is carbon fiber and which one is aluminum, you can easily tell by the legs. The carbon fiber versions have a faint striped design on them while the aluminum ones are solid colors. Take a peek at the photograph at the top of this post and you'll see what we're talking about.