Thom Barbour's Little Costa: MeFOTO Instagram Weekly Winner

For Thom Barbour, our May 9th SideKick360 winner, persistence pays off:

"Arizona has a very large hummingbird population. I planted specific flowers last summer and waited for blooms to attract the birds this spring. Shooting both in plain sight outside and through the window inside, it was hard to get a good image because the birds don't stay long and zoom around the flowers so quickly.

I originally started out freehand to allow a lot of movement, but found out quickly that a tripod was needed for stability. After mounting the camera to my MeFOTO BackPacker and practicing quick movements and focusing, I tried again to capture the birds with mixed results.

On the fifth day, I went outside to take a phone call and the birds didn't seem phased by me being right next to the flowers, so I went inside, grabbed the camera and fired off shots of this female Costa while still on the phone. Fortunately, the camera was already mounted on the tripod and I didn't lose any time framing or refocusing...seconds later she was gone. Just goes to show that after all of the planning, it pays off to remain flexible in the moment." - Thom

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Author Colleen Carlisle-Nicholas.